Job Openings

Postdoctoral scholar

Currently, we have no postdoc positions available. Interested candidate in computational and experimental materials science with focus on alloy and nuclear fuel design is most welcome to contact Ericmoore at [email protected] to discuss research interest. Recent PhD graduate can also explore the MIT School of Engineering Postdoctoral Fellowship Program for Engineering Excellence and indicate us as your research group. Please discuss with Ericmoore before applying.

Graduate student

We are accepting graduate students who have been admitted to NSE or related departments. For more information, please email Ericmoore directly at [email protected]. For prospective student, please check the NSE admission website for formal application process.

Undergraduate student

We have short-term research opportunities for talented junior/senior students. Candidate students should have knowledge of image processing. Additional to physics knowledge, basic training in MATLAB or Python is preferred. Please email Ericmoore directly. MIT undergraduates can join our group through the UROP. Undergraduates from other schools can apply to one of the summer research programs at MIT such as MSRP and indicate your interest in our group for the summer.

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